Julieanne has worked as a professional accompanist and vocal coach for twenty-three years, beginning with her freshman year of college at NYU, and has maintained active music studios in the New York metropolitan area, Los Angeles and Montreal. She has spent her entire life teaching and working with a diverse population of singers while maintaining an active performance career, and is uniquely qualified to teach a wide array of genres and levels, ranging from professionals touring musicians and career-track adolescents to hobbyists, choral singers, children, and special needs students.  

Julieanne is knowledgeable in a wide range of western styles, including opera, musical theater, rock, metal, jazz, hip-hop, gospel and blues. She is a certified yoga teacher, and frequently incorporates yogic body / breath work and mindfulness meditation techniques in her lessons.

All prospective students are invited to schedule a free 30 minute online video consultation to assess the potential partnership between student and teacher. If both parties are in agreement that this will be a positive learning experience then a lesson plan will be designed for the student.

 Lessons are available online [Skype/ FaceTime]. Please contact to schedule a free 30 minute video consultation.