I have been teaching children [ages 6-18] for the past twelve years, and find kids to be a welcome respite from the rigors and stresses of the professional music world. Kids are like flowers – each bloom in their own time, and the regular constancy of music and art education acts as the fertilizer, enhancing and enriching their beautiful souls. I have experience working with pre-professional youth, avid-music lovers and special needs children [Autism and Aspergers]. 

Children are the future, and study of the humanities keeps them connected to the divine spiritual nature of our existence. Regular study of music develops a well-rounded, intellectually curious individual – consistent exposure to the arts ensures that your child will be exposed to the vast riches of the human historic experience, ultimately ensuring a more peaceful society, greater leaders for tomorrow, and a more just and verdant world for all.  

All ages and levels welcome, piano and music theory lessons also available [or a combination of all three, which is recommended].