Julieanne is a devoted instructor of voice, piano and yoga, and seeks to empower her students with holistic methods for singing, artistic creation, and personal evolution. She holds a Doctorate of Music in Vocal Performance from McGill University in Montreal, specializing in electronic vocal music, contemporary vocal practices and bel canto methodology. She has coached singers professionally for over twenty-three years.

Noted by the Washington Post and the Baltimore Sun for her “flirtatiously manic” and “fearless and riveting” performances, Julieanne is a versatile soprano renowned for her ability to bring dramatic interpretations and exquisite beauty of sound to music ranging from the oratorios of J.S. Bach, 20th-21st century contemporary classical works, jazz, funk and rock. Her teaching is firmly grounded in the technique of the Italian bel canto school, and from that place she customizes her instruction methods specifically to each individual student’s needed. She is adept at teaching all levels [professional to hobbyist] and vocal styles, including: opera, hip-hop, rock, metal, musical theater, gospel and jazz.