Julieanne’s philosophy is to foster intellectual curiosity, artistic appreciation, personal discipline, and creative development for beginners. She offers voice lessons, piano lessons, musicianship & theory training, and integrated yoga/mind/body exercises for interested students.

All of her direct lessons are strongly grounded in traditional classical technique and musicianship development (theory and sight-singing). From this place, students explore all the wonderful genres of music: classical, opera, jazz, blues, rock, folk, world music, and whatever else sparks their curiosity.

Julieanne’s musical lessons actively seek to prepare children for a growing life infused with a love for the arts, self-esteem and personal empowerment, and a developed respect for the discipline required to achieve goals and long-term projects.

Many of her young students have been accepted to prestigious vocal programs, including: Tisch School of the Arts (NYU); Frost School of Music (University of Miami); University of Notre Dame; New York University Summer Classical Intensive; New Jersey Performing Arts Center Summer Programs (NJPAC); Papermill Playhouse; musical theater workshops and masterclasses in NYC; and lead roles in many of the high school musicals in the area. 


Living in the 21st century is a challenge for artists, performers, and otherwise sensitive souls. Modern-day society is depleting our natural creative energy, and the pressures of being a professional performer grow ever more intense. All performing artists must (eventually) address the following issues if they desire to maintain a career and still honor their mental / physical / vocal health:

1. How do we consistently find the calm yet focused energy necessary to harness our maximum potential as performers day in and day out? How do we find the courage to walk on stage night after night without indulging in self-destructive tendencies to assist us? How do we deal with the endless barrage of criticism? How do we find full freedom of expression when our attention and stamina is constantly challenged? And most importantly, when we do find fame and success, how do we stay grounded and centered so we can maintain that success for decades, if not a lifetime?

She has discovered through her own career that the answer to longevity lies in an integrated, holistic approach to vocal training that combines yoga, meditation, and deep breathing with intensive vocal exercises and a disciplined health regime. By preparing the body and soul for the creative process through yoga, pranayama (deep breathing), and meditation or mind-centering techniques, the voice and musicality becomes limber, free of tension, and ready to embrace new challenges. What is learned in the lessons translate directly to the stage. By grounding the vocal artist in holistic mind and body awareness and the physical practice of yoga, singers learn that freedom of expression comes from a strong yet flexible body. These skills are imperative in order to thrive and endure the extreme trials of a professional career while maintaining a healthy, balanced, and bountiful artistic life. 

adultS & SENIORS

Have you recently retired?  Have your children left for college? Are you looking for a passionate pursuit that will improve your memory, muscular function, mental focus, creativity and spiritual connection?  It is never too late to begin your musical studies!  All lessons structured specifically to the indivual student's needs and desires.