Julieanne has worked as a professional accompanist and vocal coach for twenty-three years, beginning with her freshman year of college at NYU, and has maintained active music studios in the New York metropolitan area, Los Angeles and Montreal. Having spent her entire life teaching and working with singers while maintaining her performance career, she has a vast realm of experience to draw from. As such, she is uniquely qualified to teach a wide array of genres and levels of music, ranging from up-and-coming professionals and career-track adolescents to amateurs and special needs children.  She believes all who seek her teachings deserve her time and energy. Her studio is filled on a first-come-first-serve basis, regardless of talent or career ambition, and she frequently has a waiting list for her services. 

Julieanne is knowledgeable in a diversity of western styles, including opera, musical theater, rock, jazz, hip-hop, gospel and blues. She is also a certified yoga teacher (Level I), and frequently incorporates yogic body / breath work, and mindfulness meditation techniques in her lessons. Lessons are available in person (Basking Ridge, NJ) or through the internet (Skype/ FaceTime).


Internet-based lessons are ideal for performing artists who require a consistent vocal health routine while managing the stresses and rigors of a busy performance career. Emotional stability, spiritual connectedness and unconditional artistic support are key elements to success and longevity both on and off the stage.  The recommended lesson time is 1 1/2 – 2 hours; this allows us to incorporate yoga, breathing exercises, vocal technique, and repertoire work, as well as granting time for discussing emotional matters related to performance stress and anxiety.  Pre-performance warmup sessions are available for artists while on tour. 


 Julieanne has been teaching mostly children (ages 6-18) for the past ten years, and it has been a welcome respite from the rigors and stresses of the professional music world. Kids are like flowers, each bloom in their own time, and the regular constancy of music and art education acts as the fertilizer, enhancing and enriching their beautiful souls.  All ages and levels welcome, piano and music theory lessons are also offered.

Children are the future, and the humanities keep us connected to the divine spiritual nature of our existence. Regular study of music develops a well-rounded, intellectual curious individual – consistent exposure to the arts ensures that your child will be exposed to the vast riches of the human historic experience, ultimately ensuring greater leaders for tomorrow, and a more just and verdant world for all.  Lessons are offered in Basking Ridge, NJ or through Skype / FaceTime. 


Music lessons are a wonderful hobby and spiritual activity for adults immersed in the rigors of a career and/or child-rearing. Music can be a means to channel the deeper, more creative parts of the soul, regardless if one considers oneself to be artistic or not. We are all blessed with the potential to be more than we are in any current moment, and music lessons are a wonderful vehicle to explore that potential.