Origin and life trajectory


Julieanne is a classically trained singer and pianist who began her intensive musical studies at the age of five. She pursued her formal classical music education through the completion of a Doctorate of Music from McGill University, specializing in live and interactive electronic music performance. She also holds a Masters of Music from the University of Southern California, and a Bachelors of Music from Westminster Choir College (both in opera performance). Following the completion of her last degree, a few European tours and a live performance on BBC-1 Radio, she realized that the mountain she spent her life climbing was no longer the mountain she wished to reside upon. So she left her career and went to Tanzania to volunteer in  2009.  

Following this life-changing summer, Julieanne returned New Jersey, said goodbye to the esoteric universe of academia and opera she had immersed in for a lifetime, and devoted herself to teaching children. Yoga and Buddhism studies soon followed, and she finally learned that the life our ego yearns desperately for is often not the life our soul is meant to live.





Julieanne currently teaches private voice and piano lessons in Jersey City and Basking Ridge N.J., where she has maintained a thriving musical studio since 2007.  She is the founder and Artistic Director of Conflikted Primez, a Jersey City-based multidisciplinary artist collective that focuses on using art to educate and inspire compassion in matters related to social justice, environmental preservation, female empowerment, and other prevalent issues in our cacophonous modern era.  Julieanne is an incredibly diverse artist who performs Mozart, scats jazz, screams rock and chants Hindu songs with equal ease, and all in the same concert. Her doctoral sub-specialties include vocal training in two areas: pedagogical history and techniques of the bel canto era, and 20th-21st century extended vocal techniques.  She has trained with some of the leading sopranos and coaches of the 20th century, including: Julia Kemp, Joanne Kolomyjec, Cynthia Munzer, Lucy Shelton, Norma Newton, Joan La Barbara, Michael McMahon, Alan Smith, David Wilkinson and Martin Katz.